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Welcome to the public musings of Michelle A. Demers, freelance writer, editor, fine art photographer, occasional philosopher, world traveller and accidental tourist. On these pages you can read parts of my feature film and television scripts, my novel and shorter works of fiction, a selection of my magazine articles and editorials (some published, some not), and my non-fiction works, The Global Indie Author and To Kindle in Ten Steps. If you hate reading, you can look at the pictures: there’s my limited edition fine art photographs and the first of what will eventually be hundreds of my travel photos and other personal works.


In addition to my own work I provide contract services for the film and television industry including scriptwriting, script coverage and storyediting, project proposals, one-sheets and script synopses, creative consultation, and ghostwriting for writers and publicists (including production notes for over 30 major motion pictures), as well as proofreading, copyediting, and self-publishing consultation services for writers and other professionals.

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Self-publishing has truly come into its own. Indie titles have captured up to 25% of the U.S. market, and the phenomenon has expanded globally, with success stories now found in Europe and as far away as India. But as the business has grown so too have the potential landmines, and authors who are best equipped to avoid the traps are those who are best informed. The Global Indie Author, 3rd Edition is the definitive guide to this growth industry, exposing its secrets, separating fact from fiction, and providing clear advice for implementing a successful self-publishing project.

This edition has been completely updated to reflect developments in ebook technology and includes illustrated step-by-step instructions for building ePubs and Kindle books from your manuscript. Readers will also find tips for designing a print book in a word processor, and how to deal with quality issues with print on demand.
The Global Indie Author covers all aspects of self-publishing including:

* Book Structure  * Manuscript Editing  * Copyright and Registration * Copyright and Trademark Infringement  * Libel, Obscenity, Hate Literature, Civil Liability  * The ISBN System  * Software  * Manuscript Formatting for eBooks  * HTML Editing  * Cover and Interior Images * Building and Testing Kindle Books and ePubs  * Print Production * Marketing  * Distribution and Royalties  * Payments and Withholding Tax  * The Vanity Press Machine

Praise for The Global Indie Author:

“I have read many books about self-publishing and have to say how impressed I am with the incredible detail and research that went into putting this book together. Demers goes through virtually everything an author who wants to understand this world would need to know in order to make informed decisions. This tops my recommended list for anybody considering learning more about self-publishing in either print or ebook or both.”
– Mark Lefebvre, Director, Self-Publishing and Author Relations, Kobo Writing Life

“If you are self-publishing, buy
The Global Indie Author and read it cover to cover. It is quite possibly the best resource book available for independent authors. It combines overall strategies with step-by-step instructions and expertly guides authors through the complex maze of self-publishing both print and e-books.”
– Mark Hanen,
Words: I Know What I Want To Say - I Just Don’t Know How To Say It

The Global Indie Author is an excellent book for anyone who wants a comprehensive guide through the indie publishing journey, whether you are living in the U.S. or living in Denmark. What I loved best is that I know each chapter was extensively researched. I put a lot of work into finding answers on the Internet. This book saves you all that trouble. Buy this book and spend your precious time writing!”
– Kate Tremills,
Messenger and Queen Isabel

3rd Edition Out Now!  For up-to-the-minute book updates and reports on issues affecting indie authors, see my blog site for The Global Indie Author.

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